Our Comment on Federal Mandate Letters Issued to Cabinet
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VANCOUVER—Today Prime Minister Justin Trudeau issued ministerial mandate letters to his Cabinet, providing direction on the approach his government will take and issuing clear expectations for each minister.

The letters to all ministers made clear that climate change is a key challenge the government will tackle. Notably, progress on climate action, clean energy innovation and deployment featured extensively in the mandate letters of many ministers—including Environment and Climate Change, Natural Resources, Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Innovation, Science and Economic Development.


The following comments may be attributed to Merran Smith, Executive Director of Clean Energy Canada:

“These mandate letters signal a fresh start in addressing climate change as a key priority for the new federal government, and that’s consistent with Canadians’ desire for federal leadership on this file.

“Increasing the use of clean energy in Canada and growing our prospects for exporting clean technologies and services will provide Canadians with both environmental solutions and economic opportunities.

“We look forward to working with the Prime Minister and his Cabinet to ensure Canada punches above its weight on clean energy and delivers real results on climate change.”


The Federal government has committed to:

  • Invest $100 million more per year in the growth and development of cleantech companies.
  • Work with the private sector to unlock venture capital.
  • Shift subsidies from fossil fuels to ‘new and clean technology’.
  • Support energy efficiency and electric vehicles.
  • Create a $2 billion fund to support projects that would cut carbon emissions.
  • Work with the provinces to put a price on carbon pollution and ensure more renewable, clean electricity is being produced.

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