Nova Scotia Embraces the Cheapest and Cleanest Energy Source
Author — Clean Energy Canada

Efficiency Nova Scotia—Canada’s only “energy efficiency utility”—recently released the above motion-graphic video to highlight how efficiency is the cleanest and cheapest energy source available.

And when it comes to cutting energy waste, behaviour change—revisiting our habits and routines—is a critical first stop. Last year, Nova Scotians became the first Canadians to receive Home Energy Reports, a project launched by Efficiency Nova Scotia in partnership with OPower.

The reports reveal  how much electricity homeowners are consuming compared to 100 anonymous, similar households in their area. By placing energy use in context, the report helps ratepayers makes better sense of their energy use patterns, and offers personalized tips to encourage savings. These reports are now available digitally for nearly 465,000 residential customers.

With the help of programs like this, Nova Scotia has reduced its annual electricity load by 5.5 percent, which will translate to $78 million in saved electricity costs this year. What’s more, energy efficiency services have averted the release of close to 550,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions—the equivalent of taking more than 110,000 cars off the road.

Nova Scotia’s investment in energy efficiency is also growing an innovative, local industry that already employs 1,200 people. In a province that struggles with economic growth, we expect the energy efficiency sector will grow at five times the rate of the provincial economy in each of the next five years.

Energy efficiency is not only helping Nova Scotia save, it’s also helping the province grow.

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